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First Contact

Once I receive a submission for a photoshoot from a potential client, we will begin communicating together about what it is that you are looking for such as type of photo shoot you're interested in such as a family photo shoot, engagement, Family photoshoot or perhaps you're looking to surprise a significant other with an engagement ring. 

The next step is figuring out what date & time of day will work best for what we are interested in, typically we aim to shoot in the early morning or late evening so we can control our lighting which will give us the best results. 

Depending on the weather forecast the time of day may not matter all that much for lighting control, such as if we are expecting rain and overcast conditions we can be a lot more flexible with time. 

Once we sort out our date and time frame I'll begin scouting locations throughout Whistler that will give us our best backdrops / lighting for the given forecast. I know the epic mountain scapes that Whistler has to offer can be very alluring, but occasionally the weather will limit our ability to work within those locations. 



On our Photoshoot date  we will meet on location ideally we want to be 5-10 mins early so we have time to chitchat, and get

comfortable with one another before shooting begins, given how short our lighting window can be we want to make sure that we are ready to begin shooting. During our photoshoot I will give you different actions / prompts to give our photos movement and life, we want to stay away from still posed photos, of course we will do a few but typically we want to see authentic moments between you and your loved ones.

I understand being in front of a camera can be a nerve racking experience, I myself struggle and get rather tense when a camera is pointed my way, but I believe that nervous energy can be harnessed to create real emotion in our images. Its okay not to be a professional model, that's not what we are looking to achieve, the best images come when you're engrossed in your family or partner, focusing on each other, recalling happy moments in your life and allowing yourself to fall into those pleasant memories.

We will move from backdrop to backdrop trying to keep things fresh and moving quickly, I want the experience to be fun and relaxed, and I feel its easier when we are moving about, working towards a goal. 

Editing WorkFlow

I use a mixture of Photoshop & Lightroom to edit the Raw images from our photoshoot. I like to take my time with my photo edits, but that being said I do aim to get your photos delivered to you within a week, depending on my schedule for that week it may be upwards of two weeks. 

My editing style (colours, contrast, overall tones) is always evolving, I understand some styles may not be what you're looking for, so please take the time to look through my work and let me know what photo edits you prefer, it will help me get a better sense of your style and what you're looking for in a finished product. 


Photo Delivery

Once your images are completed, ill ask for the remainder of my fee for the photo package, once all the business related stuff is out of the way ill send you a direct link to your personalize online Catalog, which will allow you to view, share, download, and even order framed prints directly to your home. 

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